How Does a Procrastinator Get Motivated?

This girl right here has been on the procrastination bus all week.  I think the sloth from Zootopia is moving faster than me.  I like to justify my bad habit of procrastination by stating how well I work under pressure, but that is just an excuse to keep procrastinating.  I tried to motivate myself this summer by buying a motivational planner with stickers and highlighters, you know, the works.  I did really well for about two months using that planner.  Then I had about a month before school started and did not need to use my planner on a daily basis.  I clearly need to dust it off and put it back to use.

This week has been a slow week in terms of activities not related to school, so I have fallen into the trap of, “Oh, I don’t have anything to do tonight so I’ll just catch up on tv and social media for a little bit and then I will start my homework.”  We all know how that ended up – me falling asleep without doing homework.  Which then led to me having to rush and spend 4 hours trying to finish three assignments before midnight last night.  Of course, I got it all done. Now the quality of said assignments remains to be seen.

So here is my list of things to help get me back on track:

  1. Open my planner!IMG_2317
  2. Put all 3 class assignment due dates into planner.
  3. Put assignments on phone calendar with alerts/reminders.
  4. Review calendar every night before going to bed to create “To Do” List for the next day.
  5. Limit social media usage to thirty minutes when getting home from work and before starting on school work.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “How Does a Procrastinator Get Motivated?

    • I love that movie! I actually did get motivated toward the end of the session and completed my work ahead of time! Feels good I should probably make a habit out of it lol. Thank you for reading!


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