Is “Good” Good Enough?


I have often heard and read the phrase “Good is the enemy of great.” I would probably generally agree with that statement. But after these last few weeks, I have begun to wonder if there is ever a time when “good” is enough?  I’m not out to save the world, cure disease, or win a Nobel peace prize. Some days I feel like keeping my family alive and in one piece is an accomplishment in an of itself.

The definition of great is “notable; remarkable; exceptionally outstanding; or important; highly significant or consequential”.  Whereas good is defined as “satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree; or kind, beneficent, or friendly.”  If I am honest with myself, I am along the line of “good” in all areas of my life and for the most part, I am okay with this. I think I am a decent human being, I try to help others when I can, I treat people that I would want to be treated. While I want to make an impact in my community, I am often overwhelmed by where to even begin. I do not like the spotlight or being in front of other people. I like to work behind the scenes and make sure things get accomplished. I am often afraid to share my ideas for fear of rejection. While I expect to do well in whatever it is I’m doing, I will often settle for “good enough.”

That’s where I have struggled with school the past two weeks. I know that I am capable of producing better work than I have submitted, but I have settled for “it was turned in on time” knowing had I properly prepared, the work would have been better. My goal is to get all A’s in both degree programs. However, that would require me to be “great” in my discipline in allowing ample time to complete assignments.

Being great requires great discipline, which is why most settle for good. Good can make enough money to make ends meet. Good can help a friend in need.  Good earns a degree or gets the job. Good may even get you noticed by others. However, at what point do you desire more and are willing to put in the work to blow your own mind in what you are capable of? When are you willing to believe in yourself enough to take a risk and put your ideas out there for others to hear? You may just have the solution that is needed. When will you stop settling for being average or mediocre and strive to be great?

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