Happy New Year! (Super late)

I can’t believe this is my first time writing in 2018 and we are almost halfway through the month of February.  Quite a bit has been going on in my life which is part of the reason I have not written.  I am currently on a brief break before my next classes start, so I figured I would do some writing.  I managed to get a B+ in my MPH course which dropped my GPA down to a 3.65 because I missed an A- by 0.04 points.  I was a little bit upset but did not have the energy to dispute that grade as that class caused me so much stress and anger, I was just happy to be finished.  I have a 4.0 in my FNP program!  Yay!  While I enjoy both programs,  I am thinking that I will have to focus on one, FNP, and continue the MPH at a later time.  I am happy to report that the last three weeks of both classes, I got over my procrastination bug and actually submitted all assignments early!  Now to see if I can keep that trend as I start my next round of classes in a week.

I FINALLY met my 2017 goal weight in January, which I’m okay with since I could not walk the last four months of 2017.  The problem I am running into now is lack of motivation to go to the gym.  I have had more “bad” weeks than good, so I am trying to get back on track with working out consistently.  I have managed to get down to an 11-minute mile but I want to shave at least another minute off of that.  I also want to complete a 5K and half marathon this year.   This means I really need to step my workout game up.

My oldest son signed his letter of intent last week to play football in college which was pretty exciting!  And he is still getting acceptance letters in the mail, thankful for options!  Now that we know where he is going to college, I can go back to focusing on preparations for graduation, which we still have yet to receive the graduation announcements that cost two arms and a leg!

I’m trying to plan a last minute trip to celebrate turning 40 next month but can’t figure out where to go that will be warm in March.  I’m open to suggestions.  Hopefully I figure something out soon.  I have a lot to be thankful for and I love to celebrate!  I am looking forward to seeing what other good things 2018 has in store.

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