How to let go?

I came across the quote above while reading a commentary.  As someone who is loyal to a fault, I have a hard time walking away from people, even when I know they mean me no good.  I like to think that everyone is “redeemable” and that I have it in ME, to “fix” them.  (That is really arrogant of me, huh?). I have often thought that I had enough love to heal all wounds.  One would think that after being hurt time and time again, that I would learn to walk away sooner.  I often stay in unhealthy relationships (platonic and romantic) for way too long, and if I am brutally honest, it is usually the other person walking away that causes things to end.  I have stayed at jobs that I hated because I didn’t want to upset anyone or leave my co-workers in a bind, despite not being respected or appreciated.  I have let “friends” use and abuse me and let men take advantage of my body and my kindness.  I have to learn to teach people how to treat me – people will only do what they are allowed to do.

While I do not know that I will ever stop being a kind-hearted person who wants to see everyone succeed, I am going to work on learning to walk away sooner and accept that I no longer serve a purpose in that individual’s life, and that is okay.

I challenge you to also learn to let go of any unhealthy relationships that may be hindering your progress.

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