Why does this keep happening?

I usually do not say anything when a black boy or man is killed unnecessarily by a white person.  I have always known our country has always feared black people, but especially black men.  There have been many attempts to destroy the black man by ripping them from their families, stripping them of their dignity and pride, by treating them as less than or inferior to everyone.  Jails are full of black men, some who have been wrongly convicted, given an unfair sentence, or due to a white man’s ego and need to prove a point. 

What is it about the black man that is so fearful?  Why must they be used unwittingly in experiments aimed to decrease the black male population?  Why were drugs purposely introduced into their communities so that they would either die or end up in jail?  Why is it okay to lie on a black man, knowing that there is a good chance that lie will result in his death?  Why can a black man not walk down the street without being feared or fearing for his life?  Why must the black man be followed in the store?  Why can he not run outside without issue?  Why can he not be in an affluent neighborhood or driving a nice car without it being assumed that he is casing the place to rob it or that he stole the car?  Why is the black man guilty until proven innocent – even though we know that innocence doesn’t mean SHIT in our judicial system? Why is a white person’s version of events always taken at face value, but the black man surely is lying?  

Is it because the system is designed to ensure that he is never considered as being a human being with the same rights and liberties as their white counterpart?  Is it because there is the fear that a black man is strong, resilient, and necessary?  No one has a problem with the black man as long as they can make millions of dollars of his talent and stays in his place.  They don’t often get a seat at the corporate table, in leadership roles, or any other capacity where they have some legit power and authority because who wants to “answer to” a black man who has been deemed inferior to them?  After all, white is right, at least that is what we have been taught to believe.  

On Memorial Day, a white woman decided that a black man cannot tell her what to do (put her dog on a leash as the signage in the park states) and calls 9-1-1 and blatantly lies about what is happening.  Let’s just assume that she legitimately feared for her life.  1. Why the hell would you walk towards the person you fear? 2. Why was it necessary to make sure they knew the person she feared was a black/African-American man? The theatrics she put on – while choking her unleashed dog – was unbelievable.  Then her so-called apology after the video came out was a joke at best. She only apologized because she was being villainized (rightly so) on social media and her cushy life was being put in jeopardy (she did eventually get fired from her well-paying job).  She still does not believe her actions were wrong or the danger she put that man in.  She claims she did not realize that a black man does not get afforded the same luxury of being believed and treated with respect and dignity as she does as a white person.  White privilege is a real thing.  She will never convince me that she did not know what the hell she was doing when she first threatened to call the police and stated what she had planned to say.  With all the events that have led to #blacklivesmatter being in the news all too often, there is absolutely no way that she was unaware of the potential effects of her actions. She knew that if she stated a black man was threatening her, he would be arrested at the very least.  The thing is, too often black men are “arrested” but do not live long enough for them to have a trial.  

Do I think all white people are racist?  Absolutely not.  However, there are enough racist white people in the world to make me fear for my two son’s lives.  I am so sick of white people who think that it is okay to blame every crime on a black man.  The police are supposed to protect and serve ALL people, not just the ones they feel are deserving of protection.  You cannot look at someone and immediately decide that they are a good or bad person (short of witnessing them in the act of doing something illegal).  Even if a black man had committed a crime, he still has the right to have a trial or other legal action.  Committing a crime as a black man should not be a death sentence before they can even be charged.  Being a black man should not be a death sentence.   

Another incident happened on the Sunday before Memorial Day in Minnesota – a black man was killed by a police officer who had his knee on his neck. Originally, it appeared that there were only two officers involved in the death, but there were actually four officers  – one stood by doing nothing while the other three had the man pinned down while telling him to get up.  Now, how the hell is someone supposed to get up with three people pinning them down, one of which has their knee blocking the ability to breathe?  How does a forged check warrant this type of force?  Let’s say that he was resisting arrest at some point.  After they had him on the ground, was it really necessary to put the knee on his neck for over 5 minutes?  If you believe it was necessary, then you are part of the problem.  I am just waiting to hear about all his legal issues and how he isn’t a great person, blah, blah, blah – all of which is completely irrelevant to this specific incident.

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